Prof. Attahiru M. Jega and the Promise of a Free, Fair and Credible Elections

The willingness of Prof. Attahiru M.  Jega to conduct a free, fair and credible elections can never be question with his world class performance to ensuring that the election truly is free, fair and highly credible in every aspect an election should be.

Early on March 28th, 2015 morning, to me personally it had expected the outcome of the election to be robbed of credibility, until when I watch the elections moved into late hours of the night for conclusion in some places. While in other places, the election was postponed to the next day ( being March 29th, {Sunday}) and many Nigerians for the seek of this country and it progress promised by the flag bearer of the All Progressive Congress Candidate (Gen. Muhammadu Buhari)  ignored the faithful Palm Sunday Services to preform their Civic duties. Knowing fully well that they will be another Palm Sunday service in the course of the new administration term in office and they will not be election again in another four (4) years.

At this point I most commend the commitment of the Nigerian people. Who got totally tried of this government and wanted to vote them out of power as it is our collective responsibility to do so. We can not ignore the credibility confirm on this election by the entire staff and Ad-hoc staff of the Independent National Electoral Commission and particularly it Chairman, Prof. A. M. Jega. 

All of this talk about free, fair and credible election will not be possible without the use of the “Card Reader” which totally eliminate any possible attempt by any political party or persons to rig the march 28 and 29 Presidential and National Assembly elections. 

This I hope to see continue on April 11, 2015, to further consolidate our Democratic process. Why have I said so? We could see that even with the radical enlightenment of the people to vote and guide their votes, which move many of the hitherto apolitical people to cast their votes. The total numbers of votes casted didn’t reach the number that the Current Lagos State Governor (Mr Babatunde R. Fashola) used to defeat his closest opponent (Dr. Dosunmu) in the 2011 governorship election. Yes, we may allege that a lot of the resident of Lagos couldn’t collect their Permanent Voters Card PVCs, this are the regular apolitical people who are never interested in voting.

With the introduction of the Card Reader machines, we can now see that the gross electoral mis-conduct has totally disappeared, leaving room for the votes of the people to be counted. This has also made the Oba of Lagos to be threatening the Igbo majority within the Lagos mega city to vote for his candidate. Which makes me to wonder whether an Oba should be Political? I will close this argument with the statement of the Awujale of Ijebu, who said an Oba should be seen to be Apolitical, for the sake of his Kingdom’s Properity and Progress. Because in the end , the Oba will be the Oba over those who voted, not those who voted for his owe endorsed Candidate alone. 

In conclusion, I want to use this opportunity to congratulate every Nigerians for their commitment to vote into power the opposition party and also the entire staff of INEC for conducting a credible election. The reaction of Prof. Attahiru M. Jega to Elder Godsday Orubebe show of shame and the last card of the ruling party to totally discredit the election. People like him(Prof. A. M. Jega) Shows us that this country can still be great again, only if we keep putting round peg in a round hole.

My congratulation to the President – Elect, President – General M. Buhari.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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