STAPITALISM: The State Capitalist

These are the various forms of Crony Capitalist in Nigeria today. People who have become Capitalist or are seen and refer to as one, all thanks to the state wealth and power they derived from their people, friend and aquintant in Public offices.

This is fast destroying the term of true Capitalist in Nigeria. And will in the nearest future if not addressed, will replace the true capitalist and terminate the Capitalist spirit in Nigerians.

Those Stapitalist are making doing business in Nigeria more difficult and expensive, simply because those who have better idea in their field will be frustrated to neglecting there idea either through Finace or by the Government Regulator’s. Leaving them the opportunity to take and execute for themselves other peoples ideas.

This is an addendum in my B.Sc thesis, dated: November, 2009. Titled: Globalisation and Poverty in Nigeria: A Political Dimension.


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